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The Scheme of Things

Today’s lesson is titled ‘The Scheme of Things’ for a reason.

A medical student friend of mine who lives only 15 minutes away from my place was involved in a car accident while traveling to attend his CBL this morning. To cut the story short, he swerved to avoid a kangaroo and in turns were involved in an MVA with another car and a truck. His car is a write-off, but he has managed to escape with a cut on the forehead, bruises on the chin and his ego. Despite the condition of the cars involved, everyone survived and were relatively unharmed.

Today was a doozy for my friend. The police came this afternoon and he was charged with negligent driving. He’ll have a massive bill from the hospital. The car is a write-off, so he’ll have nothing to drive for the next few months. Plus, he probably needs to pay for the garage for the cost to remove the car, etc. Definitely a doozy of a day.


  • In the scheme of things, he is still alive. Looking at his car, I would have thought that he wouldn’t have survived.
  • In the scheme of things, everyone else is unharmed. Ego bruising aside, no one died. Heck, no one, beside from my friend, had to stay in the hospital.
  • In the scheme of things, it could have been much worse, but IT ISN’T.

Long after today, it would have been just another day when something happened. People learn from mistakes or bad experiences. In the scheme of things, it is just like another gravel in the road of life, nothing less and nothing more…

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Dear rain, please stop…

It has been raining here. A LOT.

Not that I mind rain, but this damn rain has cancelled the first sporting competition of my life, namely the team triathlon I was supposed to be a part of. I was supposed to be doing the swimming part in the sprint triathlon and I was so excited for it as I’ve been training all summer. This damn rain also prevented me from going for a swim for 3 days as the pool was closed due to some flooding/puddling and I’m definitely not a happy swimmer.

To make matter worse, the rain has caused my internet to go tut tut… It takes me 30 minutes to check my email in the morning. I was able to get to the Riverina Rush website yesterday to register for the 2k open water swim, but the net kept going out. I tried registering today, but I think the rego is closed already.

I am cranky and tired and I want this rain to stop.

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