Intern year in progress

Well, I graduated.

This piece of news is likely not a surprise to those who are close to me as this actually happened more than two months ago. For those who haven’t caught up yet, YAY I FINALLY HAVE MY DR TITLE. I also got an internship position in Australia despite being an Australian-trained international medical student. The Commonwealth Government was nice enough to release extra positions to accommodate those needing internship positions and I was one of them. Sure enough, I have to do return of service in the rural Australia, but that’s what I want out of my career path anyway…

Intern year so far has been quite uneventful. It’s week 4 in my first term, urology at the private hospital. Workload is definitely lighter than in the public system, but being one of the first interns in the private sector makes me feel like I’m flying solo in the jungle… So far, most of the consultants have been very supportive, although they are not too sure of what role I can play in the hospital just yet.

To summarise my experiences so far, here are the highlights and the lowlights.


+ My reg telling me that I’m more than a competent intern

+ The medical admin manager asking me if she can use my ‘exemplary’ discharge summary for one of the education sessions she is planning

+ Planning to see The Tallest Man on Earth at the Sydney Opera House in a couple of weeks

+ Meeting the other interns



– Being told by one of the consultants that I don’t even work with that my rotations at the public hospital will kill me and she thinks that I won’t be able to handle the pressure

– Being told by the same consultant that the private hospital does not need me and that I was probably doing next to no work at all

– Not being paid overtime or on call

– I haven’t been paid at all for the 5 weeks that I’ve worked




One thought on “Intern year in progress

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re settling into life as an intern ME. The consultant mentioned sounds like a bully and I’m sure karma will likely bite her at some stage. Hopefully you’ll be paid soon, working five weeks with no money is a hard life indeed!

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