Phase 4 in progress

Dear readers,
I passed my final set of medical school exams!!!

You’re probably asking why I still haven’t graduated even though I passed my exam almost a month ago… Well, I’m currently in the last leg of my medical degree, a leg called Phase 4. Phase 4 in UOW GSM is composed of an elective (a rotation that can be done anywhere in the world), a selective (has to be in Australia), and a Pre-Internship (which mine will be in Wollongong).

I’m in Darwin at the moment, with the cardiology team. The team is big but also inclusive. I definitely feel like I’m a useful medical student/part of the team being in cardiology this term. Being in Darwin is also quite shocking. It is here (and likely in other parts of the Northern Territory) where you see a different type of medicine compared with the rest of Australia, different because you see diseases that are commonly associated with third-world countries (i.e. NOT ones you’ll find in Australia). Last week alone, I saw two different 20 year-old Aboriginals with heart failure from rheumatic heart disease. It is an eye-opener to realise that the health condition of Aboriginals is beyond terrible compared to the rest of the population.

In a lighter note, Darwin is quite enjoyable. I’ve met a few other elective students from outside of Australia and we have spent a few days/nights hanging out playing trivia or going to the beach. It’s great that the buses are free, but public transport during the weekend is terrible. Hence why I’m stuck in the computer lab updating this blog.

Expect a few more posts from me in Darwin.



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